Let’s be honest here – you will only consider booking us if you like our finished photographs. Chances are that you (like most wonderful dog owners) already have hundreds of images of your dog on your smartphone, and you might be wondering if booking a professional photographer is worth the expense.

We have found that our clients who decided to take the plunge and book us had a few things in common. (Besides the given: having a four-legged friend in their life!)
They all felt like they wanted a series of beautiful photographs that they could display in their homes. Some of our clients felt like the photos they had taken themselves just did not reflect what they had seen with their naked eye. With our professional equipment we can capture details that would otherwise be lost. We can even capture your dog’s energetic movements midair or running through greenery at your favourite walking spot.

We like to think that our work speaks for itself and that each series of photographs we take reflects and brings out the unique characteristics of each dog. We’re a family company of photographers and dog owners; between the three of us, we have 62 years experience as professional photographers.

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Four Legs One Tale is a family business of dog photographers that tell your dogs tale through both stunning photography & beautiful custom dog portraits that we create entirely ourselves.